4 Tips to Get Kids to Brush Your Teeth

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Teaching your kids dental care habits when they’re young is essential when it comes to their long-term health. Seeking out caring family dentistry so that your kids don’t associate dentists with fear or pain is an important step. But how can you teach your kids everyday oral hygiene without brushing becoming just another chore?

  1. Give Them Choices:
    Kids are far more likely to take ownership of their dental health habits if they get some say in the process. Let them choose their toothbrush color and toothpaste flavor (just be sure it’s one that’s safe to swallow when they’re still learning). There’s no consensus over whether it’s better to floss before or after brushing, so let your child choose. That way, the question turns from “Do I have to brush and floss?” to “Can I floss first this time?”
  2. Set a Soundtrack:
    Brushing for two minutes can be difficult even for adults. For kids, two minutes can seem like a lifetime. Instead of setting a timer, find a fun song that’s about two minutes long to coordinate brushing time.
  3. Be Educational:
    Try not to oversimplify the process or scare them by saying something like “If you don’t brush, all your teeth will fall out!” Teach them about the different layers of their teeth and what brushing and flossing actually do.
  4. Work on It Together:
    Make dentistry a family affair. Find an office that offers caring family dentistry so that you can go together, and let your kids see you visit the dentist cheerfully and brush carefully when you’re at home. By setting a good example, you may even find that your dental hygiene habits improve, too.

What are your tips for teaching children dental care habits? Has finding a family dentist helped you to be better about brushing together? Share your tips in the comments. Visit here for more information: www.newalbanyimplants.com

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