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A Short Guide About the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures

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When to get dentures

Tooth loss is a very common dental problem today, and although millions of people across the globe suffer from tooth loss (among many other dental issues) without receiving adequate treatment, it’s absolutely essential to get teeth replaced and/or repaired. Not only does tooth loss make it difficult to maintain proper dental health, but it can actually have a severe impact on the body’s overall health, too. Luckily, cosmetic dentures and dental implants are simple and effective ways to treat tooth loss, no matter your age and no matter how many teeth need to be replaced. Here are a couple things you should know before making an appointment at your local denture clinic to get dentures or dental implants:

Many people consider dental implants to be more “high-tech” and comfortable than traditional dentures, but there are plenty of advantages that cosmetic dentures provide which dental implants can’t offer. Dentures today are typically custom-made at a denture clinic and are designed to fit each patient’s mouth perfectly; they can also be adjusted and re-fitted very easily in order to ensure comfort. Cosmetic dentures also tend to be substantially cheaper than dental implants, and many dental insurance providers will cover the cost of dentures.

When you get dentures, you don’t have to sacrifice any natural teeth that are still healthy and strong. Full dentures are available for anyone who needs a complete set of new teeth — and if a denturist decides that your overall dental health will be better if all of your teeth are replaced simply because they aren’t strong enough to last much longer, then complete dentures are a good option. Alternatively, if you still have plenty of teeth that don’t need to be replaced, partial cosmetic dentures can be fitted and can replace only the teeth that are missing.

If you’re missing teeth, or if you have untreated dental problems and you need a little extra help determining your next step, never hesitate to call up your local dentist or denturist and ask for more information to figure out what type of replacement teeth would benefit you the most!

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