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Advances in Dental Technologies Everybody Wins

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On average, a cosmetic dentistry patient in the United States spends somewhere between five thousand and six thousand dollars on their procedures — the money spent on whitening alone is just over $1.4 billion. Every year, more and more Americans are improving their smile, and every year, the dental technologies they take advantage of are improving and expanding.

Dental veneers, for example, used to be made exclusively of porcelain. While porcelain is still a popular choice, many cosmetic dentists today are offering composite resins as an alternative. It’s more affordable and can be fabricated and applied more quickly than porcelain. However, porcelain is still the winner when it comes to durability and longevity — composite resins can last up to eight years, while porcelain can last up to 25.

Orthodontics, too, has progresses in the field of dental technologies. Traditional metal-bracket braces used to be the only option available for orthodontic correction, but now people have a host of options to choose from, including lingual brackets, ceramic brackets, and “invisible” trays. In fact, many otherwise “general” dentistry offices are beginning to offer clear trays, since the technology used to create them is so readily accessible.

Perhaps the most startling advances have been in dentures. The days of poorly fitted, adhesive-bound plates are over. Today’s modern dental implants are lighter, stronger, and easier to manage. Titanium mini-implants are used to replace decayed or dead roots, serving as a new anchor point for one tooth, several teeth, or an entirely new upper or lower set.

Whether it’s a breakthrough in technique, an improvement of materials, or a brand new procedure that no one has ever thought of, dental technologies, at their very core, are always about improving the experience, efficiency, and overall usefulness of dental procedures for patients around the world. From cosmetic procedures to dental exams, your smile has never had it so good. See this link for more.

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