Are Online Dentist Ratings Helpful?

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Today, online reviews seem to be a factor in choosing providers for almost every kind of service—food, home, auto and even medical. While it’s true that finding a medical professional such as a family dentist who truly meets your needs will require an office visit, or perhaps even more than one, dentist reviews can be helpful if you’re looking for the right information. Here are five things to look for when browsing online dentist reviews:

  1. What is the Dentist Office’s Culture?
    Like most workplaces, a dentist’s office has a unique culture. Do you prefer a quiet, professional atmosphere where you can get an efficient cleaning over your lunch break, or do you want the staff to joke with you and make you feel at home? Reading through online reviews can help you sort out what dental office or clinic is likely to suit your personality.
  2. Is the Dentist Good With Kids?
    Dentistry seems to hold a special fear for some children, so you may want to do some extra research if you’re trying to find a dentist for your kids. This becomes even more important if your children need orthodontic treatment, a process that may take several years. Orthodontia was at one time considered purely cosmetic, but today it’s clear that correcting alignment can prevent lifelong problems with tooth wear and periodontal disease.
  3. Does the Dentist Provide Special Services?
    Dental technologies are constantly improving, so some dentists specialize in techniques that others don’t. This might be particularly important if you’re looking for special services such as cosmetic procedures. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your cosmetic dentist, even for simple and extremely common procedures such as whitening. (Teeth whitening systems, most of which use peroxide-based solutions and the oxidation process to brighten smiles, have become more than 300% more popular in the last five years.)
  4. Does the Dentist Bill Ethically?
    Many patients are looking to find a so-called cheap dentist. The bill you end up getting will depend heavily on your dental insurance, but you can use reviews to make sure the dentist bills ethically (being straightforward with patients regarding procedures, even if they can’t inform them of specific costs) and works well with insurance companies.
  5. Does the Dental Staff Care About Your Opinion?
    Like all medical professionals, dentists should be able to balance their expertise with your personal preferences. You should always feel like you can ask a dentist his or her opinion and get an informed answer, but ultimately it’s your health that’s on the line—and your dentist should respect that, never pressuring you into a course of action that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Have you used dentist reviews to find a local dentist? How did online ratings compare with your experience? Refernce materials: Delta dental kirkland

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