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The Top Three Modern Ways to Reach New Customers in the Digital Age

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Dental web marketing

No matter how good your practice is, it’s no good unless you can find patients. Here are three ways to use the internet to attract patients and help your dental office prosper:

1. Email

Since the popularization of email, it has been used as an advertising service, whether for dentist marketing or another service. This became so prolific that an entire section of a person’s internet mailbox was devoted to this junk or “spam” mail. With how often email adverts go ignored, you may think it isn’t a worthwhile endeavor, but it is more effective than you might think. Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on email adverts, a company makes about for

Consider Using Search Engine Optimization to Attract More Dental Patients

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Dental website design

Do you run a dental practice of your own, and you’re looking for a way to attract more patients? If so you may want to consider investing in a new dental web marketing system that includes dental SEO, or search engine optimization.

But what is dental SEO exactly? Essentially, it is a marketing approach than enables your website to become more prominent in web search results when prospective customers type in dentistry-related keywords because they are in need of professional services in that field.

It makes sense to incorporate dentist SEO into your marketing plan because 93% of Internet activities commence through the use of a search engine. And when people in the United States are in search of nearby companies and services, 64% turn to search engines. Among those who go to these search engine sites,