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Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Dentist

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Oral sedation dentistry

It’s tempting to neglect wellness and preventative care, especially when we’re young. Who has time to make an appointment with a doctor or a local dentist in between shifts at work, school, and hanging out with friends, and isn’t it all just a conspiracy to frivolously bill your insurance company anyway?

Perhaps no part of the body suffers from this kind of thinking more than our teeth. Tooth enamel is the hardest stuff that makes us up, but it’s not limitless or renewable. We only get a certain amount and when it’s gone, it’s gone–this may be the reason why a full 2/3rds of senior citizens over the age of 75 have no remaining teeth of their own! Even if you can’t see or feel anything wrong with your teeth, a good local dentist in a scary chair near you might be able to pinpoint small problems b

Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Might Need

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Fixed dentures

Have you ever been embarrassed to show off your smile? If so, it’s not just something that you worry about. Even though almost all Americans consider a great smile an important social asset, plenty of us seek out dental treatments to improve the appearance of our teeth. These treatments are typically accomplished through the cosmetic dental procedures performed by professional cosmetic dentists.

What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentists and cosmetic dental procedures aim to improve the look and also the performance of your teeth through various restorative techniques. These can include anything from whitening teeth to completely replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

If you’re wondering about the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, here are some examples of popular treatments. If yo