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Taking Care of Your Best Friends Your Teeth

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Tongue cleaning

Enamel is easily the hardest, strongest substance in your body. It’s whole purpose is to provide a reliable surface for your jaw muscles to crush food against — it has to be strong.

But it’s not invincible. In fact, one of the biggest dangers your enamel can face… is from your enamel.

Bruxism is a fancy medical way of saying “teeth grinding.” It’s most often a nighttime grinding that is difficult to detect without either the help of someone in the room (it can sometimes be loud enough to disturb someone else’s sleep) or the inevitable signs of damage if the problem goes untreated. These signs can include sensitivity, decay, jaw pain, and even a visible red

Scalers and Mirrors and Picks Oh My!

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Dental hygiene products

Think you have a lot of dental care products at home? It’s nothing compared to what your dentist has to have on hand, just to perform a routine cleaning. In addition to the motorized drills, pump-driven vacuums, and complicated x-ray machinery, your dentist also relies on a host of much simpler tools to examine and clean your teeth. Here are just a few of the most common.

  • Dental Picks
    The pick is probably the most recognizable tool on the dentist’s tray. Picks can be straight, angled, or curved, in a variety of different angles. The pick has two main functions: to scrape away any stubborn accumulation of foreign material, and to probe for sensitivity, soft spots, and unusually d