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Four Procedures You Can Receive from a Vista Dentist

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Vista porcelain veneer

Did you know that the first human dental practices date to almost 7000 years ago? Beeswax has been found covering a cracked tooth, probably in order to relieve pain. Today, dentistry is much more advanced and covers a wide range of medical and cosmetic procedures. If you are interested in visiting a Vista best dentist, there are several procedures they might recommend to you.

First, Vista dental implants are for people who need a tooth replaced, either because it has fallen out after injury, or because it has decayed to the point where it had to be completely removed. Vista dental implants are basically screwed into the socket of the missing tooth. The jaw heals over a period of about a month, anchoring the Vista dental implants in place. They look like real teeth and can last a lifetime

Second, Vista invisalign are a popular Vista choice for people who would like their teeth realigned in order to be straighter, but do not want visible metal braces. Invisalign are applied in a series of removable aligner trays.

Third, Vista porcelain veneers are a popular Vista cosmetic dentistry choice for improving the appearance of front teeth. These are used to cover signs of damage, discoloration, or decay. Teeth must first be trimmed before the veneer can be attached.

Fourth, Vista porcelain crowns are used as cavity prevention for the molars located toward the back of the mouth. Crowns cover all the cracks and crevices that are easily susceptible to stuck food and therefore plaque and bacteria. Visit here for more: