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Debunking Myths and Misconceptions About Mini Dental Implants

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Only about 10% of United States dentists currently perform dental implant procedures, and even fewer perform dental mini implant surgery. This has resulted in a wealth of misinformation about dental mini implants that should be corrected.

Traditional dental implants are installed directly in the jaw socket and take 2-3 months to heal before they’re ready to support a permanent prosthetic. They can last a lifetime with proper care, but is the wait time in between necessary?

What is a mini dental implant? Dental mini implants are smaller and require less invasive dental surgery, so recovery time is much faster and prosthesis or dentures can generally be placed that day. Instead of months, the whole procedure takes only a few hours and can give you new teeth in a day.

Because this seems too good to be true, many myths have sprung up around mini implants, so let’s clear a few of them up:

The idea that people who have been turned down for traditional implants can’t get mini implants is false. In fact, many patients whose bones aren’t dense enough for traditional implants can often benefit most from several mini dental implants spread evenly to distribute the pressure.

Mini dental implants also don’t have a lengthy recovery time. In fact, you’ll usually be ready to move on with your life in 48 hours, and complications are rare because the surgery put less strain on the jaw than ordinary implants. You can even eat with the implants right away as long as soreness is faded.

Though it’s true that larger dental implants can feel a bit awkward for patients with more sensitive gums and bones, mini implants generally feel just like your actual teeth. Mini implants are actually cheaper than traditional implants and don’t require expensive bone grafting.

Ask your dentist if you have any more lingering doubts about mini implants!
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