Dentist Reviews » Dental Implants Positives Far Outweigh the Negatives

Dental Implants Positives Far Outweigh the Negatives

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For many people there smile has held them back their whole lives. It has kept them from not only landing the perfect job, but getting a date with the one person they have wanted for years. The restless do not have to worry any more. Thanks to the rise in cosmetic dentistry, dental implant prices are reasonable for any consumer.

The importance of a quality smile cannot be understated. Virtually all Americans (99.7%) believe a smile is an important social asset. People throughout the US are willing to spend their hard earned money to ensure a quality smile. Americans spend approximately $1.4 billion on tooth whitening products and procedures each year.

In dentistry, a veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or to protect the tooth’s surface from damage. Composite and dental porcelain are the two main types of material used to fabricate a veneer. A composite veneer may be directly placed (built-up in the mouth), or indirectly fabricated by a dental technician in a dental laboratory, and later bonded to the tooth. In contrast, a porcelain veneer may only be indirectly fabricated. Veneers generally last between 5 and 10 years.

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out for purely aesthetic reasons with regards to improving the general appearance of patients’ teeth. Orthodontics is the study of dentistry that is concerned with the treatment of improper bites, and crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment can help fix the patient’s teeth and set them in the right place. Orthodontists usually use braces and retainers to set the patient’s teeth.

The average dental implant can range in cost from $1500 to $7500. More insurance companies are starting to cover some of the cost of a dental implant. It makes since the procedure is low risk. The success rate of dental implants has been reported in scientific literature as 98 percent.

While dental implant prices might seem high to some people, if you look at the overall benefits you will see this procedure must be done to ensure your long term health. A white, bright smile can help you in your social and professional life. Consult with your local dentist and see how implants can give you a winning look. Great references here.

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