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Everything You Should Know About General Dentistry

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Dental root canal

Everyone knows that dental health is an important part of everyday life. After all, Americans spend an estimated $1.8 billion dollars on toothpaste alone every year. But according to statistics, that may be where efforts stop: while dentists recommend that the average person visit their dental practitioner at least twice a year for general check ups to maintain dental health, studies show that only 61.2% of Americans over the age of 65 have visited the dentist in the last year. Even worse, an estimated 15.6% of American children ages 6 to 19 have untreated dental cavities. Every American, regardless of age, should have access to a general dentist, whether they need to treat infected root canals or a simple teeth cleaning. To encourage dental health, here are some tips to find the best dentist for you.

First, know what type of dentist you’re looking for.
If you’re only in need of basic dental treatments, like teeth cleanings and routine check ups, look for a general dentist. However, if you have small children in your family, it might be advisable to look for a family dentist or pediatric dentist who will have experience working with children. Additionally, if you’re looking to straighten teeth or perform dental surgery for aesthetic purposes, you should look instead for an orthodontic dentist or cosmetic dentist to perform those procedures.

Second, trust your community….
Your online community, that is. Search for reviews of local general dentist practices online and see what previous patients have to say. Is the general dentist friendly and knowledgeable? Is he or she good with children if you have kids? Did the reviewers have a good experience with their various procedures? Did they find the prices to be fair and consistent with those in the area? Rule out the practices that have consistent bad reviews and pay special attention to those that not only have good reviews, but numerous reviews that hold a consistent image of the general dentist in question.

Third, schedule a consultation or routine check up with a highly regarded general dentist.
While you’re there, ask yourself: Is the dentist communicative and willing to talk to you about your dental health in a friendly, comprehensive manner? Were the employees helpful when it came time to schedule your appointment? Did the dentist seem knowledgeable? Do you feel comfortable returning to this practice, not to mention bringing your family along? Are the procedures affordable and does the practice accept your dental insurance? You may have to visit a number of general dentist practices before you answer all of these questions satisfactorily.

Once you’ve found a general dentist that makes you feel comfortable and provides quality dental care at an acceptable price, schedule your biannual check up. Now that you’ve found the right dentist for you, you can get right to the important part: taking care of your dental health. Research more here.

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