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How to Tell if You Need an Emergency Root Canal Treatment

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You’ve likely hurt many horror stories about root canals, the most important being that they are incredibly painful. But the first misconception is that what most people refer to as a root canal is actually the root canal treatment. The root canal is the inside of the tooth that contains the pulp, nerves, and blood supply, while a root canal treatment is what is performed when this area needs to be filled with a special filling, usually because of an infection.

A tooth that has ended up in a situation that requires a root canal treatment will likely be causing such pain that the patient will be willing to do anything for some relief. But how can you be sure if you need an emergency root canal? If you’ve broken your tooth, you may require an emergency root canal treatment in order to sustain a new crown.

If you didn’t break your tooth, but are experiencing a great deal of pain, you may have an infection that requires an emergency root canal. Other signs or symptoms of an infection ot look out for are a blister or pimple in your gum, bad taste, throbbing pain, swelling, a slight fever, and an obvious large cavity or possible loose filling.

But the big question is: does a root canal hurt? The good news is, improvements in local anesthetic and endodontic equipment have made root canal treatments relatively painless procedures. The worst part of a root canal is the anticipation of needing one, and the length of the procedure. Root canal treatment is a very precise scientist, and requires a root canal specialist have a skilled hand and a trained eye. Even your local emergency dentist will need to take the time to be sure your procedure is done correctly, to avoid root canal complications. Read this website for more information.

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