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Taking Care of Your Best Friends Your Teeth

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Tongue cleaning

Enamel is easily the hardest, strongest substance in your body. It’s whole purpose is to provide a reliable surface for your jaw muscles to crush food against — it has to be strong.

But it’s not invincible. In fact, one of the biggest dangers your enamel can face… is from your enamel.

Bruxism is a fancy medical way of saying “teeth grinding.” It’s most often a nighttime grinding that is difficult to detect without either the help of someone in the room (it can sometimes be loud enough to disturb someone else’s sleep) or the inevitable signs of damage if the problem goes untreated. These signs can include sensitivity, decay, jaw pain, and even a visible reduction in the crown itself (as the teeth literally wear each other away).

While the underlying causes of bruxism are not always easily diagnosed or addressed, the effects and symptoms can be easily prevented with night mouth guards. These are similar in design and purpose to the dental guards worn by athletes in high-impact sports, such as boxing and American football. They provide a protective layer of resilient plastic, buffering the bottom teeth from the top teeth, effectively stopping the nightly erosion caused when the two equally-dense surfaces are ground together by the powerful jaw muscles.

If you wake up in the mornings with a sore jaw, an unexplained headache, or sensitivity in your teeth that wasn’t there the night before, schedule an appointment with your dentist to see if you might be suffering from bruxism. Even if you don’t yet have these symptoms, ask your dentist to look for the beginning indications of bruxism at your next six-month exam and cleaning.

Early diagnosis can save you time, worry, money (since a severely damaged tooth is expensive to repair), and months — maybe even years — of discomfort. Find more on this here:

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