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The Evolution of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry used to be about giving you a prettier smile. And most procedures today will still do just that. But beauty isn’t the only thing on the menu at a cosmetic dentist’s office. There’s also a goodly bit of health involved.

Advances in dental technologies have made it possible to fix literally any problem that occurs with your teeth — even if there are no teeth in your mouth. A full-mouth reconstruction is entirely possible on as few as eight dental implants (four on the upper jaw and four on the lower), with permanent dentures affixed to the implants to give a patient the look, feel, and function of a full, natural set of teeth.

While this certainly improves the quality of your smile, it also undoubtably improves the quality of your health. When the teeth and gums are intact, even if the teeth are false, the body is better protected from diseases that can otherwise gain easy access through the soft tissues of the mouth. Diet is greatly improved as well, since the body can now ingest more of the crunchy, fibrous fruits and veggies it needs for good digestive health.

In fact, there was once a time when orthodontics were considered a branch of cosmetic dentistry. The alignment of one’s bite pattern was thought to be purely superficial. Now we know that a well-adjusted bite pattern prevents all manner of problems in life, from unnecessary enamel wear to gum disease to TMJD.

Yes, there are certain cosmetic dentistry procedures that are purely cosmetic (chemical whitening holds no real health benefit, and even the claim that porcelain veneers cover and seal decay spots is only barely toeing the line of practicality). But the evidence continues to mount connecting the healthy of our teeth with the overall health of our bodies. In a few years, who knows what we might discover? More like this: Kirkland cosmetic dentist

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