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The Top Three Signs You Need to See an Emergency Dentist

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Sometimes, it’s easy to tell when you have a dental emergency — but other times, you might have no idea your teeth are in need of an emergency dentist until it’s too late. Knowing when to seek emergency dental treatment could make a huge difference in the health of your teeth.

Here are the top three indicators that you need to seek emergency dental treatment:

1. Your tooth has been knocked out: If your tooth has been knocked out, immediately go to an emergency dental clinic! If you seek emergency dental treatment after an hour has passed since the tooth was knocked out, the chances of your tooth surviving decrease significantly.

2. Your tooth has been chipped or split: A chipped tooth can result in damaged tooth enamel or surrounding gum tissue if you don’t seek emergency dental treatment. Try to get emergency dental services as soon as you can after you find that your tooth has been chipped. You might need to see a cosmetic dentist if your tooth can’t be repaired by emergency dental treatment.

3. You have been experiencing chronic tooth pain for several days: If you have been experiencing a toothache for more than a few days, you shouldn’t trust it to go away after a while. The toothache could be an indicator of serious conditions like tooth decay or a dental abscess, both of which shouldn’t be ignored. By seeking out emergency dental treatment, your dental problems will be addressed so you can have healthy teeth that don’t hurt.

Your teeth and their health are an important part of your overall health. Don’t let a dental emergency go untreated; when one occurs, make sure to visit an emergency dentist. See this link for more.

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