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Thinking About Getting Dentures? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Whether you’re missing one tooth from a sports game mishap or you have a bunch of teeth that have begun to decay from improper dental care, it’s absolutely imperative that you find a dental solution and have that tooth (or multiple teeth) replaced. Many people today choose to get dentures because they’re convenient, affordable, and incredibly comfortable.

If you’re thinking that cosmetic dentures could be the perfect solution for you but you still want to find out some more info, here are a few basic (and essential!) points about dentures to get you started:

  • Cost: One of the strongest selling points is the cost of dentures today. Compared to dental implants, dentures tend to be more affordable and they aren’t as expensive up-front (although it’s important to remember that you’ll have to pay for cleaning and maintenance over time).

  • Type: There are many different types of dentures, allowing denturists to work with each patient closely and provide the best customized new teeth possible. Full dentures and partial dentures are both options, and partials can be customized to replace any missing teeth without requiring healthy teeth to be pulled out.

  • Maintenance: It’s definitely important that you take care of dentures by cleaning them regularly, and also that you get them replaced/repaired if they start feeling uncomfortable. Your mouth naturally grows and changes shape over time, so most denturists recommend that patients have their dentures repaired or refitted every three to five years, just to ensure that they’re fitting properly.

So what do you think — are you ready to get dentures yet? Is there anything in particular making you feel hesitant about cosmetic dentures? We’d love to hear any questions or comments you may have!

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