The Real Reason Persian Rugs Are So Valuable – Shopping Magazine

. What is it that makes Persian rug so precious and expensive? Learn more. Persian rugs are very popular around the world. They are believed to be originated from Iran (formerly Persia). Persian rugs are valued because of their beauty and their skilled workmanship. The rugs are made of silk and wool, and feature designs and patterns which can be elaborate and intricate.

It is possible to find Persian rugs in many households and in various locations across the globe. Every rug is to be a masterpiece that reflects the past and tradition of the owner. The finest Persian carpets could cost tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even millions. One example of the most expensive rug was an antique 17th century rug which sold for $33.8 million.

The procedure of knotting is detailed and requires a lot of perseverance and knowledge. One rug may have thousands of knots for every square foot, and will take years for completion. The process of making these carpets calls for creativity since the weaver will be given the freedom to think about and communicate what’s on their mind.


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