Fight the Wither Storm with This Minecraft Mod – Web Lib

There is also the Wither to act as a mini-boss. The bosses in this game are not simple to conquer, but by using appropriate gear and armor, they can be overcome. For years, players have been hoping for a bigger challenge. For a glimpse of the potential, players can simply look at Minecraft Story Mode. The game features a terrifying and powerful boss known as The Wither Storm. It’s not available featured in Minecraft’s default game. All that changed because of Cracker’s Wither Storm mod that works with 1.16.5 or 1.18.2 Forge. Now you can fight the powerful boss along with your friends if you have an appropriate server hosting.

Wither Storm Wither Storm will be a boss that is summoned at the very center of your Minecraft world. The monster that is summoned appears enormous. It sprawls across hundreds of blocks , and it has three heads that are terrifying. It has the ability to devour animal and human beings. With time the monster grows bigger and more powerful. Players have to discover a weakness. For this to be discovered how to fix it, try the mod!


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