Restoring a Car With Sandblasting – Car Stereo Wiring

The paint will rust and the rust will be removed so that a new automotive coating can be put on in order to make the vehicle look new again.

Abrasive blasting could also be called Sandblasting. It involves the use of small particles to remove coatings from different materials which includes metal. It’s a method that utilizes particular equipment that needs specialized instruction to operate. To ensure that the operator doesn’t get hurt, protective equipment is used in this process.

The car on the video, which is the process of sandblasting, is a 1970s VW Beetle The operator in the video creates the look so easy, but it takes a sophisticated set of skills to ensure that the material beneath the paint and oxidation is not damaged. Sandblasting is used to remove any coatings or paints on the car.

This time-lapse video shows you how paint and rust can be taken away, one section at a time. Prior to any repairs made with metal could be made, corrosion must be removed. Watch the video until at the end for an after comparison it is going to blow your mind.


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