Should You Get Braces or Invisalign? – Dentist Dentists

The practice is much more prevalent than we think. Braces can be an excellent option to improve the health of your teeth. There are numerous options however, how do you know which aligner to pick?

Braces are the most common choice. Braces are metal brackets glued onto your teeth which are attached to a wire. This wire’s function is to keep the tension within the teeth as well as to help you determine where the teeth should be aligned. There are two types of braces: crystal clear or metal. The clear braces, in spite of their name, are colored like teeth but not transparent. They are therefore difficult to measure against your own teeth. Braces made of metal are the most effective process for aligning teeth, clear braces being the second most effective.

Invisalign has rapidly become the new braces alternative. Since they’re invisible Invisalign’s plastic aligners have been gaining recognition. Though they do not take any longer to use that braces, Invisalign cannot handle the more difficult dental conditions that braces can, so Invisalign will not be suitable for everybody.

When visiting your orthodontist, ask them what method of orthodontics is the best for you.


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