Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Dentist

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Oral sedation dentistry

It’s tempting to neglect wellness and preventative care, especially when we’re young. Who has time to make an appointment with a doctor or a local dentist in between shifts at work, school, and hanging out with friends, and isn’t it all just a conspiracy to frivolously bill your insurance company anyway?

Perhaps no part of the body suffers from this kind of thinking more than our teeth. Tooth enamel is the hardest stuff that makes us up, but it’s not limitless or renewable. We only get a certain amount and when it’s gone, it’s gone–this may be the reason why a full 2/3rds of senior citizens over the age of 75 have no remaining teeth of their own! Even if you can’t see or feel anything wrong with your teeth, a good local dentist in a scary chair near you might be able to pinpoint small problems b

Why Ignoring Your Dental Needs Could Be a Fatal Choice

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While the last few years have seen great strides forward in terms of health care reform, this reform has largely overlooked dental care.

Yet many of the issues that plague health care — such as high costs, lack of access and poor coverage — affect the dental insurance world just as much.

With the number of Americans who have dental care hovering far below the number of those who have health coverage, and poor dental health being linked to a number of serious health problems, avoiding the dentist office could rack up some major expenses in the long run.

According to US News and World Report, an amazing 40% of Americans still don’t have dental coverage; in contrast, a mere 12.9% of Americans lack health care. People without dental insurance are far less likely to visit the dentist

Thinking About Getting Dentures? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Whether you’re missing one tooth from a sports game mishap or you have a bunch of teeth that have begun to decay from improper dental care, it’s absolutely imperative that you find a dental solution and have that tooth (or multiple teeth) replaced. Many people today choose to get dentures because they’re convenient, affordable, and incredibly comfortable.

If you’re thinking that cosmetic dentures could be the perfect solution for you but you still want to find out some more info, here are a few basic (and essential!) points about dentures to get you started:

  • Cost: One of the strongest selling points is the

A Short Guide About the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures

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When to get dentures

Tooth loss is a very common dental problem today, and although millions of people across the globe suffer from tooth loss (among many other dental issues) without receiving adequate treatment, it’s absolutely essential to get teeth replaced and/or repaired. Not only does tooth loss make it difficult to maintain proper dental health, but it can actually have a severe impact on the body’s overall health, too. Luckily, cosmetic dentures and dental implants are simple and effective ways to treat tooth loss, no matter your age and no matter how many teeth need to be replaced. Here are a couple things you should know before making an appointment at your local denture clinic to get dentures or dental implants:

Many people consider dental implants to be more “high-tech” and comfortable than traditional dent

How Denture Can Help Boost Your Confidence and Overall Body Image

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Many physicians focus one’s overall health, specifically issues related to common chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and more. However, one’s oral health is just as important as these issues, and can serve as an excellent indicator as to the state of one’s overall health.

People have always lost teeth. In fact, this is precisely why humans developed wisdom teeth. There are several different reasons why a person may lose their teeth such as injury or trauma to the head or face, severe illness or disease, or simply poor dental care. Regardless of how or why you may have lost your teeth, you should never feel embarrassed.

However, permanent de

New Study Shows You Are Never Too Old to Get Cavities

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Many dentist offices emphasize the importance of bringing kids to regular checkups at a family dentistry practice — so much so that you would assume the importance of visiting your local dentist office dwindles as you get older.

However, the exact opposite is true, according to a February 8 USA Today article. Among senior citizens, poor dental health is a problem that runs rampant, even as dental technologies improve to make the trip to a dental checkup more comfortable.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention reported in 2008 that an astonishing 20% of people aged 65 years or older had untreated cavities. Cavities result in pain, tooth decay and eventual tooth loss — which may explain why 15% of people aged 65 to 74 and 22% of people over 75 have lost all their teeth.


You Don’t Need To Be Ashamed of Your Smile

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Your smile says a lot about you, so it’s no surprise that you want it to look its best. Unfortunately, there are many different imperfections that can keep your teeth a little less than perfect. Whether its crooked, missing, or discolored teeth, anything that leads to a fake, closed-mouth smile, is no good. Fortunately, there are plenty of good dentists in your area that will be able to take care of these issues for you.

Crooked teeth are a very common problem, so there are many common solutions to the problem. Many people use braces to correct uneven teeth, mostly commonly during the teenage years. However, people are often self-conscious, not only about crooked teeth, but about the means used to correct the problem. Invisalign was created as a less-obvious method of teeth alignment.

Missing teet

Visiting the Dentist Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

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Be honest: going to the dentist is not really your idea of a good time. That’s not really much of a confession, as very few people actually enjoy going to the dentist. But it is a “necessary evil,” as it were. However, there is no reason to dread going to the dentist any more than any other regular appointment.

Dentistry has developed such a stigma, as a result of being portrayed as some form of torture in pop culture. But actual dentistry is far from torture. Your local dentist is not trying to torture you, he’s just trying to give you a teeth cleaning. While it’s certainly normal to feel uncomfortable with someone’s hands in your mouth, poking and prodding your teeth and gums, there’s no need to be afraid.

Dentists have come to expect patients to be a little uneasy, so they do everything

Three Ways You Could Be Secretly Hurting Your Teeth

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Taking care of your teeth is something that you probably consider to be second nature by now. As you’ve gotten older, you may have begun realizing that you’re willing to put more time and energy into dental care than before.

It’s normal to feel this way, and you’re certainly not the only person who has neglected regular teeth cleanings and flossing for years on end. But if you’ve gotten really dedicated in your new healthy teeth endeavor, you might actually be harming your teeth — smothering them with love, if you will — through too much enthusiasm. Like most things, if you’re trying to take care of your teeth or even take care of dentures or implants, moderation is key.

So how might you be hurting your teeth?

  • Too much brushing. If you brush your tee