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The other. The simplest way to distinguish between them is to recognize their individual purpose. The purpose of a breast augmentation is to boost the size of the breasts. On the other hand, a breast lift is designed to increase the level of the breasts and counter sagging. Let’s learn a little more about the process behind each of them and how they differentiate.

Breast lifts work best for patients that do not need to expand their breasts, however, they want to lessen weight loss due to age and/or post-birth. It is important to increase the amount of volume, but not increase it. There are a variety of techniques used to eliminate breast skin using various scar patterns in order to lift the nipple, and then reshape the breasts.

If you are satisfied with their breastsand has no droop , and wants the larger size of their chest and greater volume is a good potential candidate for breast enhancement. The breast implants and autologous fat are employed for this process.

For more information on the strategies of breast shape/size procedure you can watch the following video below.

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